How to make a full time income blogging

6 Ways to Make Money as a Blogger

You want to make money as a blogger. You’ve poured your heart and soul into your little corner of the internet with the intent of making a sustainable income for you and your family. But even so, you’ve found it hard to make enough to justify the time you spend online.

From writing blog posts to designing graphics to then promoting via social media, the blogging life can be draining.

I’m not saying it isn’t enjoyable, but when you pour hours of time and hundreds of dollars into a hobby without much return on the investment, it can be a little hard to keep going.

I know how that goes. I’ve been there with trying to make money as a blogger, too.

Or maybe you didn’t start your blog with the intent of making money but have realized that in order to keep it going, you need a profit plan. If you’re not careful, blogging can become a very expensive hobby that takes your time and money.

What I don’t think most people online realize about blogs is they cost to run effectively, especially if they’re growing – which is what we all want, right? As your blog grows you need more tools than just domain names and hosting. If you have an email list, you need to pay for that. Don’t have the time to manually schedule your social media updates? Pay for a scheduler. The list goes on an on for the potential expenses that can incur when you’re trying to create a quality blog.

So whether you want to make blogging your full-time job or you’re just looking to cover the expenses you incur from blogging, I’ve compiled a list of six ways you can make money as a blogger.

how to make money as a blogger - work from home

My Background with Blogging

To give you some background, I’d like to introduce myself a little more. My name is Emily Ryan, and I blog at about life with chronic illnesses like Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. My blog’s purpose is to help bring hope and encouragement to those facing similar life situations as mine. I provide tangible ways for readers to move beyond the pain to live fully no matter their circumstances.

When I first began blogging about chronic illness two years ago, I didn’t realize there were so many others facing health situations like mine. Soon after sharing through social media, I learned that my blog could be a source of encouragement for other people. I started to write blog posts that gave tips and ideas in addition to my own story. That’s when my blog took off.

Since I started actively utilizing Pinterest and social media platforms to share the message of my blog, more than 5,000 people have downloaded my free eBook to opt in to my email list. It’s often said that the “money in blogging is in the email list” because emails are more reliable forms of communication about offers than social media.

Blogging income has been a huge blessing to my husband and me as it’s given us the freedom to prioritize my health. Working from home as a blogger allows me to rest when I need it so I can show up more fully in other areas of life.

Through a combination of several of the blog income sources described below, I make a solid monthly income without having to leave the comfort of my home. I’m so thankful! Surprisingly, though, the one income source I never imagined I’d focus on has the potential to completely outweigh all of the other income sources – it’s #6… so stay tuned below for all the details!


work from home as a blogger

6 Ways to Make Money as a Blogger

I hope these ideas help inspire you to think of ways you can monetize your blog so you can either create a work-from-home income for yourself or just pay for your monthly blogging expenses. Let’s keep serving people in the best ways we can!


1. Ads

Ads are what many people think of first when they hear it’s possible to make money from blogging. There are ad networks you can join that will place ads on your site after you’ve downloaded a plugin. The most popular ones are Google Adsense and Mediavine. If you have a high level of traffic, you could benefit from putting ads on your site.

Choosing whether to put ads on your blog is a personal choice. I’ve decided not to use ads on my websites because I don’t like that I can’t control the content that is shown. It’s important to me that everything shown fits with my brand.


2. Sponsored Posts

This form of income is great for a lot of different niches, but I think it’s particularly helpful for lifestyle blogs. A sponsored post is either paid in the form of a free product or through


3. Freelance Work

Adding in freelance work for blogging, copywriting, and PR was one of the first big shifts in my online income. I love that with freelance work you have some control over the amount of pitches you send. It’s also helpful to have contracts with companies you know you’ll work with for more than just one project. I can look at my upcoming month and know I’ll make at least the total of my freelance contracts. That base salary is super helpful!

I find a lot of jobs on – more freelance info can also be found in the Six Figure Freelancer Community Group.


4. Selling Products You Create

This is a form of income I’m working toward but haven’t completed just yet. If you want to make money as a blogger, you can consider selling ebooks or physical books, courses, physical products, or other online resources. Now is a hot time to create online courses. If you have an audience that’s hungry for your message, creating an online course could provide them with the information they desire in a way that goes beyond the free content you give on the blog.


How to make money as a chronic illness blogger


5. Affiliate Sales

When I first started using affiliate links in my blog posts, I thought this was THE ANSWER to my blogging income needs. I’m not going to say that affiliate sales aren’t helpful. They do bring me income every single month. But they also don’t bring me the kind of income I dreamed about when I first started monetizing my blog.

If you’re new to the online monetization space, here’s the scoop on affiliate sales. Affiliate sales means you share links to a products you like and use and if a member of your audience buys it, the company pays you a small commission on the purchase.

Affiliate sales are helpful, but I’ve found there’s way more potential for income in the next income source below,


6. Becoming a Distributor for a Company You Believe In: Young Living

I feel like this is one of the most under-utilized forms of income for bloggers, especially chronic illness bloggers! When you’re a distributor for a company like Young Living Essential Oils, you’re able to earn commission on orders from those whom you share oils. What’s so cool is that if you share with five people and they each share with five people you can multiply your reach (and income!) without having to personally reach each person yourself. This snowballs, creating a team of more and more people.

The income possibilities with Young Living are literally endless.

Real talk: I used to completely avoid any sort of multi-level marketing and didn’t want anything to do with the business side of Young Living. As a result, I lost out on a lot of income (because I never shared!) in my early years of using the products.

I completely wrote off this form of income before I realized I had friends who are making a full-time income from their commissions on Young Living’s products alone. Since I’m already a huge advocate for natural health solutions, I recognized this was a perfect fit.

I truly believe all people can benefit from essential oils and other health products. I mean, we live in a world that’s constantly growing more and more toxic. Health products play a vital role in helping us feel our best so we can show up in the best possible way!

So even if you’re blog isn’t specifically health-related, you audience likely has needs that could be met when you share about this. And who knows how many of them might think of building their own Young Living Business under you?


Common Reservations with the Idea of Building a Young Living Business for Blog Income

A lot of people I talk with have misconceptions about what it means to work with a multi-level marketing company. They’re afraid of having to recruit a certain amount of people and they don’t want to appear too salesy. We’ve all seen the posts from our high school acquaintances who join a company and then start pushing it on people.

As part of the Chronic Hope Wellness Team, you’ll never be asked to cold message old acquaintances or make lots of sales posts. You can choose how much you want to share on your own terms. 

Our team’s motto is sharing vs. selling. We don’t just want to sell you stuff. We want to share helpful information that can literally change your family’s health for the better.

If you already have a blog audience or are starting a blog, this could be a good addition to your income streams.


Why it Matters Who You Sign Up With

It truly matters who you sign up with when you become a Young Living distributor. This is something I learned the hard way. When I first joined Young Living I went online and grabbed a starter kit on my own. I didn’t know anything about teams. Without a team, I didn’t have the resources to know how to use my oils and other health products. I also didn’t understand the business side of things.

When you join the Chronic Hope Wellness Team, you get access to loads of resources to help you make the most of your Young Living products. You’ll also get access to business building resources through books, digital products, and several private Facebook groups.

Something that makes it super easy for to share essential oils is that our team has access to free styled stock photography of the oils!!! I can’t tell you what a blessing the stock photography is for our team! As a blogger or someone interested in blogging, you know how important presentation is. These tools can help you have a successful Young Living Business.

Something else I want to share with you: I have a heart for bloggers who want to impact their audiences in meaningful ways. I truly want to see you succeed because I believe you have a message to share. This is why I provide a free blog and social media review (something I usually charge $100 an hour for) to anyone who joins the Chronic Hope Wellness team. I want to make it easier for you to make an income online and also provide valuable resources for your blog readers.

If you’re interested in this opportunity, send me an email at and I’ll get you the details on how you can grab your Young Living Starter Kit to start building your own blog income! It would be such an honor to join you on this journey. Or you can hop over to the Monetize Your Blog page to get more details on the business.




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