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Welcome to Chronic Hope Wellness! We’re a fellowship of bloggers, chronic illness warriors, and essential oil enthusiasts looking to serve our communities!

We help chronic illness bloggers learn how to make sustainable income so they can amplify their reach and help bring hope to others who are facing difficult life situations.

Help your community!

Many of us started blogging or sharing about chronic illness because we wanted to help others who have similar limitations.

Grow your reach

Want to help more people learn to live fully despite limitations with chronic illness? Let's grow that reach!

Make money from your work

It can be draining to pour out all your energy and only be making pennies. We can change that!

Why we share about oils

Toxin-Free Lifestyle

It's no secret that our world is full of toxins, and this is affecting our health in negative ways. Young Living's products are toxin-free and beneficial.

Natural Wellness

We all need tools to improve our health as we're facing chronic illnesses. Essential oils are one of the best tools to incorporate in your daily routine.

Provide Help for your Readers

Chronic illness bloggers communicate regularly with readers who need help. Sharing essential oils is a way to provide tangible help.


Your wellness protocol costs money. So does running a blog. When you share about oils, you can make real money to help your life run more smoothly. 🙂

Get started making money from a chronic illness blog

One of the best ways to make money from your blog or social media profile is by sharing about essential oils. Have you ever heard of the compound effect? You’ve got to check this out!

How we'll help you:

Here at Chronic Hope Wellness, we want to provide tools so you can help your community in a sustainable way.

Think about what you’re most passionate about and what you feel you can write. Most of our community writes about chronic illness, but if you have another niche, that’s great too! Within the chronic illness niche, start narrowing down who you’re speaking to – what illnesses do you focus on? From what perspective?

Once you’ve determined your niche, focus on who you’re directly speaking to through your content. How old are they? What do they need? What kind of information are they looking for? What illnesses are they treating or healing from?

To really know your audience, it’s important to ask the right questions. Listen to what your community voluntarily shares with you. Take time to recognize their needs. You can even do a survey to get to the heart of what they need.

Once you know what your audience needs, seek to help meet that need. Here at Chronic Hope Wellness, we’ve found that one of the best ways to meet needs is to share about Young Living Essential Oils and the other non-toxic products they offer. Also be sure to explain the potential business side of it!

Essential oils have tremendous health benefits and can be amazing tools for the people you serve. In addition, you can teach your audience how to get their oils paid for by sharing with others in the same way you shared with them. You are able to make the money you need to fund your blogging (and thus help more people!) while also giving your audience tools for their health and income! Total win-win.